The RSW Classic and Advanced Game Types

The RSW Classic game is an homage to a classic play-by-mail game that debuted in the 1970's, known as Starweb (and which is still offered today by Flying Buffalo, Inc.). Whether you have experience playing this other game or not, the RSW Classic game is an exciting game, with moderately complex rules.

The RSW Advanced game builds further on the basic rules of the Classic game, adding additional character types and abilities. Furthermore, scoring is slightly adjusted in the Advanced game in an attempt to keep the game balanced.

The RSW Classic and Advanced game rules tend to favor alliances and partnerships over lone-wolf tacticians and pure military combat.

In the Classic game, each player will be one of six character types. The different character types will have different (sometimes competing) goals to satisfy in order to win the game.

The Advanced game type adds the following five character types as additional options:

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