Order Codes

It is not necessary to memorize, or even to know, any of the following order codes if you use the RSW Client to play the game. However, if you are an advanced player, you may find it useful to know at least some of them; you can type any of these orders directly by pressing Control+Y in the game window.

If you use the web interface or the email interface to play RSW, you must use these order codes to enter your orders.

In the table below, lowercase sequences like aa or bb stand for a numeric fleet, world, or artifact index. The sequence xx stands for a count of ships, population, etc. (The use of doubled letters here is simply for readability; it does not imply the index numbers must be strictly two digits.)

For instance, the order F32T4F5, which is an example of the first of the transfer orders in the table, means to transfer 4 ships from fleet 32 to fleet 5. Note that each order must be entered as a single word, with no intervening punctuation or spaces between the parts of the order. Case is not important (you may enter the order in either uppercase or lowercase).

Note that the sequence in which you type your orders does not matter--the game will execute orders in a particular, predefined sequence, which has nothing to do with the order in which you typed them. In particular, transfer orders are always issued before movement and fire orders.

Ambush control

Z Turn off auto-ambush at all worlds (for one turn)
Zaa Turn off auto-ambush at world aa (for one turn)


A=handle Declare player "handle" your ally (teammate)
N=handle Declare player "handle" is no longer your ally (teammate)

Transfer ships from place to place

FaaTxxFbb Transfer xx ships from fleet aa to fleet bb
FaaTxxD Transfer xx ships from fleet aa to D-Ships
DaaTxxFbb Transfer xx D-Ships on world aa to fleet bb

Fire orders

FaaAFbb Fire fleet aa at fleet bb
DaaAFbb Fire D-Ships on world aa at fleet bb
FaaAD Fire fleet aa at D-Ships
FaaS Order fleet aa to stand by for ambush fire†

Move a fleet one, two, or three worlds

FaaWbb Move fleet aa to world bb
FaaWbbWcc Move fleet aa to world cc (via world bb-world cc)
FaaWbbWccWdd Move fleet aa to world dd (via world bb-world cc-world dd)


TN=name Name your team "Team name." This order is only relevant for a Team game, and only if the team has not already been named. At least one player on a team should issue this order. If multiple players on a team suggest different names, the name is selected at random. Use a + to indicate a space, and URL encoding for other special characters.

†Note: This order is optional. Fleets that have not been given any movement or fire orders will perform ambush fire whether or not you have issued the order FaaS. However, issuing this order can help make it easier for you to remember that you intended a particular fleet specifically to do nothing in a particular turn, as opposed to a fleet that you may have simply overlooked.