Team Games

In a Team game, the players are divided into two or more teams. Some games allow you to choose the team you want to join when you sign up, while others will randomly assign you to a team automatically. You cannot change teams during the game.

Each turn, the server will deliver to you not only your own turn report, but also the turn reports of all of your teammates. You can also see the orders that your teammates are entering as they go, so you can work closely with your teammates to choose the best strategy for all of you. And you should indeed plan carefully, since your final score will depend on the scores of your teammates--in a Team game, all the members of a team win or lose as a group. The teams are ranked on the final scoreboard based on the average score of all members on the team.

Even if a player drops out of the game, your team is still responsible for that player's score. So it is beholden on you to find someone to take over for a dropped player as quickly as possible.

Your individual score still matters, too, because within a team, players are ranked according to their relative score. So to top the winner list in a team game, you need to be the highest-scoring player on the highest-scoring team.

Teams have names. In some Team games, the team names are pre-assigned by the person who created the game; but if the name has not been assigned, all players on a team get a chance to name their team when the game begins. Choose a good name to inspire your teammates to greatness! Decide amongst yourselves what the team name should be, and at least one player on the team should submit the team name using either the TN=xxx order, or via the "Set color/name" button in the Teams panel within the RSW Client.