Tournament Games

Some games are Tournament games. These games are special: they contribute to each player's tournament rating, which is shared with the world on the RSW Leaderboard page. There are a handful of different kinds of tournament games that can be created. Customizations are not allowed; tournament games are played according to a standard set of rules.

The rating number shown for each player on the leaderboard loosely represents how well they have played recently. It is similar to the Elo system for rating chess players: a rating of 1500 is average. If the player has been winning consistently, they will have a rating higher than 1500; if the player has been losing, they will have a rating lower than 1500.

If you have not yet entered a tournament game, your rating is 0. For the first five tournament games, your rating will remain low, but it will increase by about 300 points per game until you have played your 5th tournament game. Thereafter it will hover around 1500 points according to how well you have been playing.

The tournament rating is based solely on your final ranking against the other players in the game, not directly on your score. Your rating increases if you score higher than most other players in the game, and it decreases if most other players score higher than you. The actual numeric difference in the score is not important, however; only the fact that one score is higher than anoter.

There is also a separate leaderboard for each character type in a particular game. For the purpose of computing the type-specific rating, your ranking is compared only to other players of the same character type in the same game. For instance, if you are playing a Raider, your Raider rating will go up if you scored higher than the other Raiders in the game. If you are the only player of your character type in a particular game, your type-specific rating will not change.