Specialty Games

All the games listed on the signup page have been suggested by RSW users, like yourself. Some of these games may be very traditional RSW games, while others might have been customized considerably from the standard RSW game rules.

Hopefully, any new customizations will result in a new, exciting game. However, it remains possible that a user will suggest a game that is flawed or otherwise somehow not quite the experience that you might have been hoping for.

To help protect new, inexperienced RSW users from accidentally signing up for this kind of an experimental game, the RSW server will automatically detect when a game has been modified significantly from the standard game rules, and mark it as a specialty game. This designation simply means that the game parameters deserve a close look before you decide to sign up.

This doesn't mean that a specialty game won't be fun! Quite the contrary: no doubt, the best game rules are yet to be invented. We encourage our users to experiment with new and unusual variations to the standard game rules; if a particularly exciting rule variation is discovered, we may choose to incorporate it into the standard rule set.

If this is your first time playing RSW, though, you may be best off signing up for a game not marked as a specialty game, to give you a chance to experience the original game rules first.