Game Customizations

Like the basic game variants, RSW game customizations can be declared when the game is suggested. The game customizations go further, and define changes that might influence gameplay or game rules in more subtle ways than the basic game variants.

Character Types
Some RSW game types require players to choose one of several available different character types. Normally, the full set of character types, as defined by the game type, is available to each player for signup, with an equal number of each character type. It is possible to create a game that involves a smaller selection of character types, or a nonequal number of the different character types.
For instance, someone might suggest a game that is entirely Raiders. Or you might sign up for a game that involves one Trader and fourteen Missionaries.
Initial Galaxy Parameters
There are a handful of tuning parameters that are normally chosen randomly at the time the game starts, to add a bit of variety to each game and make the games more interesting. The precise set of these parameters depends on the game type, but generally there are parameters that determine things like the number of worlds per player, the number of connections between worlds, or the number of available fleets or artifacts in the game, or even the number of black holes in the galaxy.
It's possible to suggest a game with one or more of these random parameters fixed instead of randomly selected. You could, for instance, use this to make a tournament game, where all the parameters are their standard, average value; or you could intentionally set any of the parameters to extreme values to change the necessary gameplay strategy and possibly favor different character types over others.
Advanced Game Customizations
In addition to all the customizations described above, almost any numeric parameter described in the game rules can be customized to your liking. For instance, you could change the number of fleets, or the amount of industry, that each player finds at their homeworld at game start. Or you could change the ratio of ships required for a Raider to perform a successful Commandeer, or the number of points awarded to a Positronix for dropping a PBB.
Furthermore, it's possible to make these changes specific to one character type and not to others (maybe you feel a Trader should begin the game with 15 industry, while other players start with the standard 30). And, by combining these parameters in new ways, you can even create new character types (for instance, a Robotic Missionary) to add to the available types for signup.