RSW available games

The following active games have abandoned or withdrawn character positions:

You may take over any of these abandoned positions. If you do this, you will be involved in the game immediately (the game has already started, so you don't have to wait). You will also be doing a favor to the other people in the game, by helping to keep the game alive. On the other hand, you may be taking over a character that has already missed one or more turns, or that has otherwise been abandoned for good reason.

ALEX, Trader, score = 1382. Last turn played was 15; has missed 10 turns total.
Abandoned since turn 1 by e3imiags.
Taken over at turn 1 by Tatterdemalion.
Character has missed 10 consecutive turns; appears to have been abandoned by Tatterdemalion.

The following games are available for signup:

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