The Scavenger

This race is quite adept at scrounging, salvaging and repairing damaged ships. They are not above outright theft of neutral keys as well.

In combat (as well as in ambush fire) a Scavenger's fleet can salvage 25% of the destroyed enemy ships. This happens automatically whenever a Scavenger fleet fires on an enemy: 25% of the destroy ships, rounded down, are automatically added to the firing fleet.

If the firing fleet is destroyed, no ships will be salvaged. Only surviving fleets can salvage, and only for the damage they caused (not for additional damage caused by allied fleets).

In addition to this, a Scavenger can claim neutral keys as their own, despite the presence of other players with fleets not at peace. To do this, the Scavenger's ships outnumber all the non-allied ships at the same world by more than 2-to-1; if so, then all neutral, unowned keys at that world are automatically awarded to the Scavenger. (This is similar to a Raider's Commandeering, except it only works for neutral keys.)