The Positronix

The Positronix is a race of robotic beings that were created long ago for the sole purpose of extinguishing life, specifically humanity, wherever they find it. As a Positronix, you are interested only in your goal of killing as many people as possible.

Positronixes can build robots. Lots of robots. You can build robots directly with your industry (you can build 2 robots for each one metal) or you can convert any of your ships on fleets to robots (2 robots for each ship) and drop them on the world below.

Whenever you mix robots and humans, they always kill each other off. Each four humans will kill one robot, and vice-versa. If you kill all of the human population on a world and replace it with robots, you have a robotic world. Robotic populations can work the industry and mines just like normal populations, although they don't automatically grow like normal populations do--you have to build more robots if you need more population. On the other hand, robots can ignore the world's population limit.

Other non-Positronix players cannot capture your robotic worlds; only another Positronix can own a world populated by robots. If you convert your ships to robots and drop enough on another player's world to kill off all their human population, leaving at least one robot, you will automatically capture the world. This makes a particularly effective attack!

Finally, the Positronix is the master of the PBB: The Planet Buster Bomb! You can build a PBB on any of your fleets by converting 25 of your ships, leaving at least one ship to drive the fleet. At any subsequent turn you can drop the PBB to the world below, completely annihilating all life, destroying industry and mines, and generally leaving the planet a smoking, uninhabitable ruin (inhabitable only by robots, in fact). All other players fear the Positronix's PBB!

Positronixes earn points according to the following schedule:

Each population killed2
Each enemy ship destroyed (you must destroy the entire fleet)2
Each all-robotic world owned5
Each PBB dropped200 + population (Advanced game: 100 + population)

The Positronix is the fiercest fighter of all the character types. However, even a Positronix has been known to strike up a temporary alliance with a life form or two (if doing so will further their ultimate goal of destroying all life).