If you come across a world with a robotic population, you will know its owner is a Positronix: only a Positronix can control robots.

A Positronix's robots are efficient killing machines. If a Positronix drops robots on a world, they will immediately start killing humans (and vice-versa), at the rate of four humans to one robot. If there are still robots standing when the dust settles, then the world will have a robotic population.

Robotic populations do not grow automatically like humans populations do; robots must be built via industry. On the other hand, robots care nothing for population limits. And robots are just as efficient at working factories and mines as their human counterparts.

Robots, of course, are not interested in religion, and will not become converts.

In the RSW Client, if the population is robotic it will be indicated on the World Detail panel. In the text-based turn report, a robotic population is indicated with the suffix R following the population count, e.g. Population=16R indicates the population consists of 16 robots.