The Third Turn

On the third turn, the map looks like this:

Turn 3 map

You have encountered two other players! The RSW Client has picked a random color to assign to each new player, which in this example is blue for one player and dark purple for the other.

The worlds at which you encountered other players are, in this example, unowned by anyone, and are colored white to indicate this. (If they had already been captured by the other player, the worlds would be colored in the player's color.)

Note also that there are new empty fleet keys at several worlds, drawn as X's. The keys at the world you captured by yourself (the green world) are yours to use. The keys at worlds at which you met another player, however (white worlds), are not available--you can't transfer ships to them until you're the only player at that world.

Now, you have an interesting choice. Should you send a message to your new neighbors, offering peace and alliance? Or should you immediately fire upon them both, and attempt to seize one or all of these worlds for yourself? Or maybe you should form an alliance with one player to defeat the other?

If you decide in favor of war, you can fire your fleets at any purple or blue target of your choosing (at the same world), by dragging the fleet onto the target. To fire at an opponent's fleet, drag your fleet onto their fleet. To fire at the world itself, drag your fleet onto the pentagon that represents the D-Ships for that world. (There's no point in doing this until later turns, though, when you encounter worlds actually owned by another player.) If you successfully destroy all of the ships on a fleet, or all of the D-Ships on the world, that fleet or world will become unowned and unusable. When you are the only player remaining at the world, you will capture the world and all of the unowned fleets!

If you decide to take the road of peace, you may choose to send a message to your neighbor to hammer out the terms (or, if necessary, to bargain for your own safety). Right-click on a world or fleet to send a message to the world's owner. Or visit the messages tab and compose a message directly.

The game has begun. Good luck!