The Emperor

The Emperor is the simplest to understand of the various character types, and possibly the easiest to play. As an Emperor, your goal is to acquire as much of the galaxy in your own name as possible. Whatever it is, you must have more!

The Emperor earns points each turn according to the following schedule:

Each 10 population on a world1
Each unit of industry1
Each mine1

The Emperor is also able to build industry more easily than any other character type. Most players require 5 metal to build 1 industry; you require only 4 (in the Advanced game, only 3). Also, most players must scrap 6 I-Ships to make 1 industry, while you can do it with only 4 I-Ships.

As an Emperor, you will need a solid mastery of diplomacy to persuade other players to yield their worlds to you--and it wouldn't hurt to have a good handle on battle tactics for when diplomacy fails!