The Collector

The Collector has tastes that tend to the eclectic. As a Collector, you eschew such worldly things as worlds and industry; you crave only to own the strange artifacts left behind by some long-forgotten alien race.

The Collector earns points solely for owning artifacts:

Your one "greatest treasure" (that is, the Antique Sculpture)90
Any half-treasure, except Cursed (any Antique or Sculpture)30
Any Cursed item0
Any of the five Key to Time segments0
The Rock of Diamante30
The Rhinovirus30
The Philosopher's Stone30
The Deadly Nightshade30
The Pandora's Box30
Any other artifact15

The above points are awarded each turn that you hold one of the indicated items. In addition, there are special bonus points that are awarded, once, at the end of the game, for holding a matched set:

Ending with all five segments of the Key to Time1500
Ending with all nine artifacts of your special type (all the Antique objects)1000
Ending with all nine artifacts of your special noun (all the Sculpture objects), except Cursed1000
Each world you own with at least 10 artifacts at the end of the game (this is a "museum")500

Note that, in particular game (particularly in a game with fewer than 15 players), not all of the possible artifacts may be available in the galaxy, and so it might not be possible to accumulate all the artifacts of a matched set--for instance, it might or might not be possible to collect all nine Antique artifacts. See The Number of Artifacts for more information.

The Collector is the only player that never loses points for holding any artifacts, so you can take advantage of this and offer to take Cursed artifacts (or The Deadly Nightshade!) off the hands of your unfortunate companions.

Also, only the Collector may transfer artifacts directly from fleet to fleet, making it fairly easy for you to move artifacts around the galaxy. Other players must transfer them strictly world-to-fleet or fleet-to-world. Furthermore, other players may give you artifacts by hooking them directly onto your fleets, instead of having to fly over one of your worlds and drop them.