Play by E-mail

Although most people prefer to use the RSW Client or the web interface to play, it is also possible to play the game entirely via email. You can use simple email commands to do almost anything that you can do via the web interface; for instance, you can list the currently available games, join a pending game, receive your turn reports, and even submit your orders, all from your email client.

To do this, send just the world "hello" in an email message to the RSW server at This message must consist of just the word "hello" on a line by itself, in the body of the message (not the subject line). If you send anything else, the RSW server may assume you are a spammer and ignore the message. In response to the word "hello", the RSW server will return an automatic reply that will give you further instructions.

This is most useful for users who prefer to use a third-party client to play RSW--particularly a client that is designed primarily for use via email. Visually impaired users may also find the email interface easier to navigate. However, any user who for some reason prefers sending commands via email over using the web interface is welcome to use this system.