Introduction to RSW

There's a palpable feeling of excitement today among people all over the world--an alien fleet has been orbiting the planet quietly for days. Is it friend or foe? No one knows for sure, but many are optimistic--hopeful for a new era of interspecies sharing and prosperity. And suddenly, a new fleet arrives! Then another, and another!

And then the word spreads of a new discovery about these alien fleets: the latest one to arrive is carrying what is unmistakably a Planet Buster Bomb! All hopes for peace are dashed, while the population runs for cover. But unfortunately for the gentle people of this peaceful little planet, there is no safe place to hide from a weapon such as this. . . .

Welcome to the universe of RSW, where the outcome of the story above rests on your shoulders. Are you a military genius, having lured your victims into a trap? Or a master of diplomacy and negotiation, with words of wisdom to calm your overly aggressive neighbors, or redirect their hostility elsewhere? Or perhaps you're skilled in misdirection and deceit, able to trick your enemies into attacking each other! In RSW, all of these kinds of players, and more, coexist and interact together--but only one will win.