D-Ship Production

Every world that you own will produce at least one new D-Ship every turn. However, if you own all of the worlds surrounding a given world, it will produce more than one D-Ship, depending on how far it is from there to the nearest world you don't own.

To put the rule precisely, for each of your worlds, count the number of steps from that world to the nearest world not owned by you. That's the number of D-Ships that world will produce each turn.

Consider the following sample map:

sample map

In this map, you own all of the magenta worlds. Worlds 2 and 7 are owned by one of your opponents, and worlds 21 and 16 are owned by another opponent. World 12 is not owned by anyone.

Worlds 24, 26, 14, and 4 all connect directly to a world not owned by you. These worlds will therefore produce just one D-Ship next turn.

However, worlds 9, 22, and 23 will produce two D-Ships next turn, because they connect only to worlds that you own--from these worlds, you must travel two hops to reach a world you don't own.

Furthermore, worlds 19 and 27 will produce three D-Ships next turn, because they are three hops away from the nearest world that you do not own.

If you were to successfully capture both worlds 12 and 16, then worlds 19 and 27 would start to produce four D-Ships per turn, because that would be the new minimum distance to a world you don't own.

Automatically Showing Production Numbers

You don't need to count up the distance to the nearest unowned world yourself. Just pick "Show distance to unowned" from the Map menu, and the RSW Client will calculate this number for each world, and write it to the world's lower left. It looks like this:

sample map