Understanding the Game Description

An available game description looks something like this:

steady2c is pending. Created 1 Dec 2009, last activity 2 Jan 2010.
Game type Core.
Runs every 2 days, excluding weekends.
3 players have joined, waiting to have 5-10 players.
Begins 15 Jan 2010 (if at least 2 more sign up).
Expires 18 Mar 2010.

This is the description for a hypothetical game, whose game ID is "steady2c". (Each game is assigned a unique, random game ID consisting of a common word followed by a digit and letter.) On the actual web page, the game ID will be a link; you should click on the game ID of your choice to sign up for that particular game.

In this example, you can see that the game steady2c is an RSW "Core" type game. This tells you the fundamental game rules. A "Core" game uses relatively simple game rules and is a good choice for a beginner. There are other game types that are possible too.

You can also see a description of the game's turn schedule. This particular example game runs every two weekdays. Therefore, if you were to sign up for this game, you should be prepared to enter turns two or three times a week.

Finally, the game description shows you the number of other players that have already signed up for this game, and the number of players that the game will require to fill it. This example game is waiting for at least two more players (a minimum of five), but it may run with as many as ten players, if enough people sign up before the start date of 15 Jan.

If at least the minimum number of players have signed up by the game's start date, the game will begin on that date. Once the start date passes, the game will remain available for more signups until the expiration date arrives, or the minimum number of people sign up, whichever comes first. If the expiration date arrives and the minimum number of players have not signed up, the game will be cancelled.

There might also be additional qualifications and customizations listed for a particular game. Here is an example of a more complex game description:

jealous8b is pending. Created 21 Dec 2009, last activity 3 Jan 2010.
Game type Classic.
Runs each Tue, Fri at 10:00 AM PST.
8 players have joined, waiting to have 12 players.
Expires 18 Feb 2010.
Jump start: players start out owning worlds.
Anonymous finish: players' names will not be revealed at game end.
This is a no-communication game.

There are quite a large number of possible game variants. Some people like to experiment with different variations on game rules and presentation, while others like to stick with the tried-and-true games.