morris4h commentary

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morris4h commentary

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Hi all,

Since morris4h was anonymous we never get to talk to each other about the game. It was a 2position advanced multi.

Since game names are scrambled I will refer to the players rsw handles.

Somnos (myself) played an arms dealer/warlord. I knew if I could just haul a ton of metal I could produce a ton of ships and points. So I set a personal goal of hitting two players at once (4 positions) as long as I wasn't invaded. I avoided JimE as he was another warlord/arms dealer and thought we would be too evenly matched and give the game to the others. I hit Gorf(raider/missionary) and destroyed one HW and captured the other intact on the final turn. Kudos to Gorf for delaying my captures so long by sending small fleets to spoil captures. I had to barricade his ring 1 worlds with ambush fleets to isolate it. Also, at the HW I destroyed he cut all connections to the R1 worlds with Pandora's box. He had the pleasure with his ton of fleets of killing my invasion force slowly (I had maybe 4 fleets to his dozen - started off with more ships but couldn't target his largest keys due to transfers).

My other target was Zencat (architect,scavenger). I wihittled one HW to 12 industry and captured it and landed enough force on the final turn to destroy his 2nd HW.

End result - I tripped the victory condition of 13,356 but my low score was the warlord (5839) allowing baknight to win (missionary,trader) whose lowest score was 7484.

In retrospect I should have built less ships and kept my warlord & arms dealer scores closer together. But I needed to do this to take on two opponents by myself.

Anyone else care to comment?

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