New Character Playtest Marque9f

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New Character Playtest Marque9f

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Hi All

This is a playtest of new characters. I've tweaked the Ship Hoarder by splitting him into 2 characters. The Ship Hoarder and the Key Hoarder. The game is Marque9f.

They can amass large amounts of ships so they have a 50% attack multiplier. They have larger HW industry and can fly 4 hops. The Ship hoarder gets points for owning ships. He has a commandeer ratio of 1.5:1 which is better than a raider. But he loses points for keys (-10) and gets 2 points/ship. He owns 50 ships on the first turn but the standard 6 keys.

The Key Hoarder is similar in HW industry but has 12 keys to start. His commandeer ration is also better than the raider at 2:1 but his attack multiplier is similarly 50%. He also has empty key scavenging powers like a scavenger at a 2:1 ratio to grab those empty keys at battle sites. He gets 30 points/key and loses 1 point/10 ships owned.

I think a Ship and Key Hoarder would make great allies as they trade keys for ships and try to capture as many as possible.

Let's try it out. Sign up.

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