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Extreme RSW - Previous2p

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EXTREME RSW - This game is designed for extremes on character powers and scoring. It is not meant to be fair but I hope it will be fun. Here is a brief summary of all the changes I made listed in more detail in the game sign up area.

1) General - 7 fleets/HW T1. Mines increase 2/7 turns. Random character assignment. Worlds, fleets, art, connections, industry, mines, pop are ultra or extremely high.

1) Architect. Bridges are half price. A collapsed bridge has a 100% penalty (no points awarded).

2) Arms Dealer. Can fly 5 hops. Points are 30/15 per ship for clients/for himself. Can triple load metal and only needs 1 metal per ship built. These are flying industry.

3) Collector. Doesn't have much power so I've increased the points scored dramatically. Only 8 art/museum.

4) Emperor - Can build industry with 2 metal or scrap 2 Ishps (cheap). Gets 2 pts/industry or mine. 5 pts/world and 1 pt/15 population.

5) Missionary. Increased conversion power. 30% conversion by population or ships. Scores 4 pts/targetted kill. 2 points/martyr or 1pt/martyr after choosing a target. Gets 20 pts/fully converted world and 1 pt/5 converts. Could do extremely well.

6) Positronix. PBB costs 20 ships now. 1 industry/metal builds 4 robots and 1 ship can split into 4 robots. 3 pts/ pop kill and 15 pts/robotic world owned.

7) Raider - Plunder recovers in 3 turns. Comandeer is now with a >2 ratio. Enhanced plunder schedule 140/100/80/60/30. 8 pts/fleet owned.

8) Scavenger - now scavenges 40% of destroyed ships. If he has greater number of ships of all nonowned ships he captures neutral fleets (ratio 1.0 instead of 2.0).

9) Skip Tracer - Can fly 5 hops now. Survives a Blackhole. Even more resistant to ambush (0.3 ratio instead of 0.5)
Scores 20 pts/new world seen.

10) Trader - gotta make him compete with the Arms dealer so now he can fly 6 hops. He can also survive a black hole to get to metal and his loading capacity is 4 metal/ship.

11) Warlord - Attack/ambush multiplier is now 2.0. Enhanced scoring Ships destroyed 15/30 nontarget/target. Fleets captured 30/60 and worlds captured 200/400.

I hope we have fun. Sign up.

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