SW players invade RSW - Welcome!

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SW players invade RSW - Welcome!

Post by somnos »

I've managed to draw in 3 SW players to the RSW universe. Maybe more as I've not met all the players in subject2m which is an advanced Multigame with 9 players each having 2 positions.

It's been a long time since we had this many players in a game and it's fantastic.

Send emails to your SW buddies or other gamers and let's try to expand the player base. The game is so flexible you can come up with all kinds of variants and the price is right.

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Re: SW players invade RSW - Welcome!

Post by baknight »

There is a Classic RSW game awaiting more players right now, so Starweb players can get into one easily. I'll invite some of my SW frenemies too, so maybe we can get the next game up to 15 players.
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Re: SW players invade RSW - Welcome!

Post by Gorf »

There is another player here from SW-1363 in subject2m that I know of.

Does anyone have an active link to the Starweb forum on 'october' something or another? I forget the address
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