Created New Game Tonight--Dedicated to Rick Loomis

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Created New Game Tonight--Dedicated to Rick Loomis

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Thought we would leave the multi's behind for a minute and play a straight out one-character "classic core" game with a rose map. Most of the parameters are ultra high with an ultra high end-game score so that all character types can have time to expand and develop. I chose to NOT have either a Trader/Merchant or an Arms Dealer in the game to allow for everyone to do their own hauling on an even playing field. The Arms Dealer role is so amazing but they tend to run off with one-character-role type games.

Black hole parameter is absurdly low and the there should be the ability for more than one player to play the same role if desired. All of the classic character types are there with a few of the modern ones thrown in for good measure.

Turn around time is one week but game set up to run when all turns are in. With only having to write one set of orders, this kind of game should be able to played relatively quickly by all.

I would like to dedicate this game to Rick Loomis, without whom we would not be here now. This is in sincere appreciation for a life lived dedicated to gaming and one that was truly revolutionary for his day.

Good luck to all!
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