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RSW version

Post by drwr » Thu Mar 27, 2008 2:48 pm

The most exciting addition in this version is for Mac users: the packaged OSX version now runs on Leopard. No more need for Leopard users to download the source version.

* Fixed an exception when importing another player's orders for
certain load/unload operations.

* Server: fixed bug with random character type assignment.

* Server: added "suggest another game like this" link.

* Server: enabled per-minute game schedule type.

* Added PointsPerFleetCaptured, PointsPerWorldCaptured,
CanOwnOthersConverts, and CanOwnZeroPopulation to advanced
character parameter options.

* Show Convert Deaths on detail panel and in report.

* OSX binary now built for Leopard (but no longer works with
Stay tuned for 0.98.3, which will be coming out soon, and will include several nifty new features.


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