New Advanced Game lethal2y

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New Advanced Game lethal2y

Post by somnos » Fri Sep 26, 2014 6:41 am

Hi All

I'm trying to recruit for a new game. I posted lethal2t. It has the advanced characters plus the progenitor and the Ship Hoarder. Tell your friends cuzz it would be nice if it had more than 8 players. For the specs on the progenitor and Ship Hoarder the game sign up has the details but in general - Progenitor race has the abilities of most of the character types but in a very diminished capacity - for example they have a comandeer ratio of 4:1 and shoot 1.25 shots/ship. Downside - they can only fly 2 worlds/turn. They were the ancient race that gave rise to the races we all play today. The Ship hoarder has advanced comandeer powers but poor firepower.



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