RSW version 0.98.7

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RSW version 0.98.7

Post by drwr » Fri Jun 27, 2008 5:00 pm

The most exciting news about this update is the way smoother drag-and-drop action. Even on a moderately slow computer. But everyone loves downloading the latest update, right?

Version 0.98.7:

* Much smoother and more responsive drag-and-drop animation, even
when the map shows hundreds of worlds and fleets.

* The client may do a slightly better job placing new worlds on
the map when importing maps from allies.

* Better behavior when "Enable Springs" is in effect.

* Renamed "Liberation" (formerly Pirate Capture) to "Commandeer".

* Added "Download specific game" to game list menu. You can now
download the report for a completed game you are not involved in;
see how your friends did.

* Fixed a few client exceptions.

* Fixed a problem with entering fire orders when many fleets are
at a world.

* Fixed a problem in which an order error message is sometimes not
displayed in the order list.

* Fixed a problem in which sending a message to another player
from the player list sometimes deletes that player from the list.

* Server: fixed a minor race condition when the turn runs from the
web page.

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